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Evalu8 External

Evalu8 Ltd can provide a ‘light touch’ external evaluation. We use the Evalu8 questionnaire system to gather quantitative data but instead of someone within your organisation administering it, we handle all of that, producing an independent external report and feeding back to your board.

  • The ‘light touch’ external evaluation includes:
    • Initial meeting with Chairman and Company Secretary to agree overall focus of the evaluation
    • Meeting with Company Secretary to go through agreed appraisals in detail to tailor them as necessary to comply with the agreed overall focus
    • Optional introductory meeting with the board to explain the Evalu8 process to alleviate and concerns and to answer any questions
    • Administration of the complete evaluation process
    • Interviews with an agreed selection of individual directors providing qualitative data
    • Written analysis and report on the findings
    • Meeting with Chairman to go through findings and recommendations to agree development plan
    • Presentation of findings and agreed development plan to the board
Light-touch externally facilitated reviews