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About Us

Gavin Frier B.A C.A developed Evalu8 in 2005 in response to those suggestions made by Derek Higgs for Good Practice appended to the Combined Code on Corporate Governance. Evalu8 is an online business with expert affiliations covering a range of sectors and compliance requirements. We continue to reflect and respond to all new board governance requirements for organisations looking to formalise and report good practice measures within their regulated framework. Evalu8 Online allows Boards, Committees and Directors of quoted companies, NHS Trusts, Insurance Companies, Investment Trusts, Pension Trusts, Schools and Charities to perform formal and rigorous self-assessment in a productive, secure and informed manner.

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Many different types of organisations use Evalu8. Listed companies, UK subsidiaries of foreign companies, Investment trusts, Pension trusts, Charities, Schools, Universities and NHS Trusts…

The flexibility, simplicity and efficiency of Evalu8 has meant quick adoption by sectors with regulators, who encourage meaningful self-assessment of their governing bodies. We work closely with our partners to understand those nuances that require particular attention, developing and curating our content accordingly. Our partnerships allow Evalu8 to remain relevant and informed across a range of sector

  • Evalu8 for Companies:

    UK legislation (the Code) recommends that listed companies perform formal and rigorous annual self-assessment, and triennial externally facilitated assessment, of its Board. Evalu8 allows companies to report full compliance with the code and develop a culture of meaningful assessment.

  • Evalu8 for the NHS:

    Evalu8 is used widely throughout the country by some of the most forward thinking Trusts. In the ever changing world of the NHS, it is critical for trusts, mental health authorities, ambulance services, to show a willingness and an aptitude when it comes to governance issues and good practice measures. With solid foundations of compliance at the heart of the health services, good practice can filter all the way through to the patients and the service provided. We also aim to reduce costs and increase time efficiency for trusts, by using evalu8 instead of paper based systems.

  • Evalu8 for Education:

    Evaluating your governing board’s effectiveness is good practice but can be extremely time consuming.  Evalu8 has teamed up with NGA to provide an online self evaluation tool based on the 20 questions which gives easy to assimilate feedback and analysis.  In addition the package includes a telephone mentoring session with an NGA consultant in order to discuss the issues with an experienced professional who will ensure that the key areas for development are identified, and will contribute ideas and suggestions for improving governance practice.  For further details go to


Evalu8 draws on the experience and expertise of carefully chosen partners.

  • Prism Cosec

    Established in 2002, Prism Cosec is a leading company secretarial and corporate governance practise. The team comprises highly experienced company secretarial professionals, with a strong reputation for competency and an ethos for proactivity. In 2012, Prism became part of the Equiniti Group of Companies. Prism provide corporate governance and company secretarial services to quoted and unquoted companies seeking to operate UK governance standards. They also help companies establish and maintain best practise corporate governance policies and systems.

    Prism Boardroom is a suite of services offered by Prism Cosec which includes director inductions and training, board evaluations (both supporting internal evaluations and facilitating external ones) and company secretarial mentoring.

    To find out more about Prism go to

Drawing on the experience of carefully chosen partners

Selected Clients

Selected Clients